Ghosts are creepy creatures. The more you’ll fear, the more they will haunt you. It might be humping you right now, but you may not know. why, because, they are nothing but ghosts – dirty and stinky ones. So, Get ready to move in their worlds!

What are Ghosts really?

Ghost are the most creepy creatures of the world. Do you fear ghosts? Well, I do and to much extents. They are called as gods of hell. They are dreadful, fearful and bothersome. They are invisible. You can’t see them but only feel them. And, yes, they can be your friends as well as enemies. So, don’t worry but beware. You don’t know when a ghost comes to your path.

Do Ghosts exist? Well, their is no such evidence that ghosts really exists. Plenty of people believe in such spirits. Ghosts are spooky souls. The word ghost has come from english word meaning, “gast”. Gast means a spirit or soul. Fright is called as group of ghosts – spooky creatures.

Signs of ghosts? You can call the ghosts with many names, i.e. bogey, haunt, phantom, spectre, spirit, spook, sprite and visitant. Temperature of room gets chilled all of a sudden, doors suddenly opens up and close down, pets act very strangely, unexplained scents fills the room.

Are ghosts more active during night? Well, some people say that when a fewer electronic devices are used at home, ghosts are more likely to be detected. Ghost hunters mostly use electronics to investigate places which are haunted by the ghosts – they are stinky and ugly.

You can't feel it, but it's there!

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