Ghost Facts…

Some fierce and haunting facts on ghosts:


  • Ghosts doesn’t sleep. They always keep on roaming around.
  • When ghosts are around, you can feel them through their smell.
  • If cat is looking at air, it means that cat is looking at the ghost.
  • Ghosts just wanted to get noticed. They won’t or can’t hurt you.
  • People who die without justice often comes out as a ghost.
  • They are the people who don’t or not willing to leave the earth.
  • Ghosts don’t stay at cementeries. They sometime stay at church.
  • Some ghosts have feelings but have no senses.
  • They can’t kill you. They can use you to kill themselves.
  • They can touch the ground using their feet but not their hands.
  • To communicate with other people, they tend to use human body.