Ghost’s Tales…

Apparitions are the supernatural appearance of the deceased persons. There are often white or gray shaded. They can either be full bodied or they can be partial bodied. It’s rare that they can show their legs and feet. They mostly appear to hover in the atmosphere.

Automatic writing is the ability to write intelligible messages. The messages are written without conscious control. They are used in conjunction with channel a spirit or entity. It is very dangerous method. You have no control over anything on who or what may come.

Cold spot is the small area which is 10 degree colder than surrounding area. This can not be explained by other natural or mechanical cause like air conditioning, ice or snow. As the heat is drawn out, immediate locations become cold to the unusual heights.

Demonic haunting is the type of haunting by non human entity. It can be very dramatic or even violent. It often starts with subtle and simple paranormal activity. And sooner, it increases. It takes advantage of people suffering from stress conditions.